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Michelle Mason
Legal Assistant



 1. Decisions

The decisions you must make to get started.

 2. Investment

This will be an emotional investment, as well as a financial investment.

 3. Value and Voice

You must put value on yourself in this process and always voice your opinion to your attorney. This is your case and your divorce.

 4. Organized

You will start with and "intake form" as well as gathering information for your attorney, ie tax returns, bank statements, etc.

 5. Respect

You must keep in mind to respect your soon to be ex-spouse, no matter how you feel about that person. You must respect the opposing counsel, as well as the court.

 6. Changes and Challenges

You will experience change. You will have to learn how to live on one income vs. two, this will determine your need for alimony. Emotional challenges will arise thru the process.

 7. Expect

Expect to be actively involved in your case.