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The goal is to advise people how to successfully maneuver through a divorce.

The job is to show the parties that working towards an agreement/settlement keeps the power in their hands.  Once the power is put in the person with the “black robe”, the parties lose the power, and it can quickly become a lose-lose experience.

Face it! Half of all marriages end in divorce.  Divorce, in some cases, has been described as “worse than death.”  With death the subject isn’t coming back. A fact, eventually understood.  With divorce, the subject is still around – sometimes for many years.  

Divorce, by its very nature is a no win experience.  Focus the client on the end result-- which in some cases can be at least a year down the road. 

By focusing on making the loss as
painless as possible a good attorney
can help provide the client with
the tools to come through the
experience with the least
amount of damage – both
financially and emotionally.

AJ Jones